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VectorStars, the corporation, develops technologies that empower individuals and organizations around the world to achieve the unachievable.



VectorStars, the nonprofit, supports change-makers, communities, and governments in applying those technologies to best support at-risk individuals.



VectorStars has led multiple teaching and training workshops on the basics of entrepreneurship, innovation, and the specifics of the building public health collection and reporting systems. Participants have the opportunity to test concepts taught by developing and deploying individual, lightweight, prototype applications and are connected with knowledge, resources, and tools to support individual growth.


Emergency Relief

VectorStars coordinates with members of its Network to provide both tangible disaster relief, as well as in-kind and digital support for public health challenges. Focus areas include:

• Communicable disease prevention.

• Animal and veterinary support, especially in low-income environments.

• Dental and early childhood development.

• Recycling and environmental impact.






Teaching students the basics of entrepreneurship: how to identify, structure, create, operate, and grow ventures, that add real, sustainable, and long-term value for their community, their people, and the greater globe. Participants work to design, build, and implement new solutions with the support of experienced mentors and community partners, and learn to make decisions in innovative, precise, sustainable, and strategic ways.


Grants & Donations


VectorStar is a grant recipient and sponsor. The Caribbean Emergency Vector Response Network raised over $500,000 in contributions and in-kind donations, providing resources to over four million people across three countries and two U.S. territories. With over 60 senior policy and industry leaders in the Network, our teams coordinated responses in the USVI, Puerto Rico, BVI, and other Caribbean nations most-impacted by hurricane damages.

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VectorStars is a thought leader in several spaces, and is always looking to partner with other scientific, innovative, active, and creative people and organizations looking to affect global change.


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