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What We Do

VectorStars supports startups and organizations, advises policymakers, and guides industry leaders in shaping comprehensive solutions to global problems.

• Aligning policy, innovation, and capital systems.

• Technology development, AI systems & implementation.

• Strategic & launch planning.

• Data modeling, analysis & forecasting.


Our team is comprised of a small but growing team and more than 20 advisors who guide our large global platform project and various initiatives in multiple countries. Our presence is global, and our offices are in Seattle, WA, and Sarasota, FL.


Our Mission

Empowering innovators and organizations with simple, robust tools to achieve the unachievable.

Michael Jooste

Our Founder

Inspired by meaningful work and supporting mission-driven organizations achieve their goals, Michael has served in numerous senior roles and pioneered his own organizations and companies. He has introduced new innovations to address some of the world’s biggest problems, including in rural communities in Kenya, Uganda, Nicaragua, and the Caribbean. 

Our Core Values


Generating local, communal, and global impact through dedicated service and meaningful solutions.


Taking responsibility for our actions and decisions, while valuing every opportunity for growth and learning.


Solving complex problems through innovative thinking and adventurous, unconventional approaches.


Embodying thoughtfulness, precision, and truth to achieve, compound, and accelerate exceptional results.


Supporting meaningful projects, flexible work styles, and individual financial independence.


Fostering trust and integrity through transparent, replicable, and traceable processes. 

Supporting Our Partners

Save Their Smiles, Nicaragua

BugOut Mosquito Source Prevention, British Virgin Islands

We Recycle, British Virgin Islands

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