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Solutions to

Complex Problems

Health & Technology

Simple, cost-conscious and robust technologies to empower practitioners, organizations, and governments around the world.

Innovation & Solutions

Developing models, approaches, initiatives, and policies to align cutting-edge solutions with global vector challenges.

Policy & Leadership

Supporting governments, businesses, and nonprofit organizations with strategic direction, planning, and growth strategies.

global communities

Austere Environments

Supporting one-of-a-kind programs to provide emergency relief, dental education, community engagement, novel vector control, renewable energy, recycling and cleanup programs in impoverished, remote, and austere environments. Small, nimble teams armed and deployed with robust technologies are helping mitigate and prevent disease, improve health outcomes, train students and entrepreneurs, and improve quality of life globally.

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Solutions & Platforms



Automation and AI tools to optimize workflows, boost performance, and optimize profits. Utilizing technology to solve cumbersome and complicated tasks, simply.

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Supporting organizational needs with customized web and mobile applications, computation and resource scaling, and integration with third-party and existing tools.

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Join the ProjectMobilize platform to empower, activate, and mobilize teams, organizations & communities everywhere in the world with online/offline solutions.

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Robust, Simple & Scalable


AI-powered automation, modeling, analysis & forecasting


Architected and implemented web & mobile solutions


Launch and ongoing management support

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News & Updates

Reality Manifested: Leadership & Vision

Latest news & leading thought     MAGNITUDE  &  DIRECTIONReality Manifested: Leadership & Vision In a startup, every team member is a leader in their own right.  Each embodies the new idea the company was founded upon, helping birth it into...

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The Value of Quiet AI

Latest news & leading thought     MAGNITUDE  &  DIRECTIONThe Value of Quiet AI   Groundbreaking technology is about useability: the best mousetrap and the shiniest gadget will quickly be left to gather dust if it’s not an order of magnitude...

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